Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Maintenance of your Aquaguard RO

When you buy a high utility appliance such as a water purifier, you will certainly opt buying the best. After all, investing on an advanced purifier is investing on your health! So, you have been recommended to use an RO purifier and you have installed this Eureka Forbes RO system called Aquaguard Reviva in your kitchen. If you maintain it well, you will continue to get pure and safe drinking H2O from its faucet and maintain a long relationship with your appliance. Your purifier will function better.

How do you go about maintaining your Aquaguard RO purifier? Following a few useful tips will well serve your maintenance purpose. If water tastes bad, it can be because of an unclean storage tank, storage of water in the tank exceeding 2 days, or purification capacity of the cartridges has exceeded (time to change the filters). Call the Eureka Forbes customer care number and point out the problem about your Eureka Forbes RO system. If less water is purified, the tap valve may be closed or the tap water pressure may be low. If filters including RO membrane of your Aquaguard RO system is clogged or damaged, call the company’s service technician immediately.

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    • Thanks for giving me aquaguard Ro water purifier system. its good water purifier.